May at Uppark

Uppark garden

Davidia involucrata (Handkerchief tree) at the garden entrance

Asphodelus albas Uppark garden

Asphodelus albas (White Asphodel) in one of the island beds, Uppark

Uppark garden

Iris fiorentina

Uppark garden

Cercis siliquastrum (Judas tree)

Uppark garden

Allium ‘Purple Sensation’

Uppark garden

Lunaria rediviva (Perennial Honesty) in the tea garden and island beds.


Narcissus poeticus (Pheasant’s eye Daffodil) in the long grass near the restaurant.


Convallaria majalis var rosea (Pink Lily of the Valley) in the scented garden

Uppark garden

A walk with a fork:  Best buddies Terry (left) and Tom finish up for the day…

2 thoughts on “May at Uppark

  1. Great photos and it’s a shame I didn’t have the opportunity to read this before Thursday afternoon then I would have been able to answer the Lunaria rediviva (Perennial Honesty) query you fielded for me in Tea Garden.

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